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Title: Last Night (feat. Keyshia Cole)

Artist: P. Diddy

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Last Night (feat. Keyshia Cole) - P. Diddy

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 

I am just crying tears of happy joy and whispering GAIAONLINE TAKE NOTE

‘the Irish head (skull) is one of the largest in Europe’

‘Irish are broad built and large boned’

‘Irish have characteristically thick eyebrows’


guess I know what to blame my problems on

thanks genetics

but no this is a great resource totally rad check it out

This is really, really fascinating!

i’ve been waiting for this reference for a million years

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Really, it’s more about attitude than the details. You can do a ton of things wrong, but if you work hard for a long period of time, you are going to get results. I see too many people get paralysis by analysis, they believe that if everything isn’t perfect it’s not even worth getting started, whereas in reality a terrible plan executed today is better than the best laid plan executed too late. Work hard, be dedicated, and stay mentally tough and you will have results, far better than anyone who is on the latest and greatest training/diet fad, but doesn’t have the mental fortitude to be ‘in’ for the long term.

Dr. Layne Norton (via niggayougay)

Hence why almost any program will work if you stick with it.

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Drive Recklessly - Video

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I think the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on the internet is dating advice saying you should meet guys through coworkers or friends.

And I’m like “if I had either of those do you think I’d be asking google how to meet people?”

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NPR posted an article with a title asking why people don’t read anymore, but the content was just an April Fools joke. Then people started to embarrass themselves.


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"The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for."

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Kindergarten teacher: My job is now about tests and data — not children. I quit.


this needs to change

I feel that’s how it is in most if not all of American schools.

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im so masochistic its terrible i cried while drawing this omg

based off this prompt that was sent to me by zackdoesart

But what if



It hurt. And then I reread it, and realized it was from the dog’s point of view. And now it hurts even more.

legit tears all over my keyboard.

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self positivity is f*cking great!!! u think ur cool??? then ur cool!!! u think ur cute??? then ur hella cute!!! look at you go. so amazing

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The Game Cube can be hit with a sledgehammer and work just fine. The Nintendo DS was specifically designed to be able to survive a 1.5 meter (five foot) drop onto solid concrete without breaking, and one of the company’s bigwigs wouldn’t let it go past the design phase until the design team could guarantee it could survive the drop at least 10 times. In fact, Nintendo products have such a reputation for being impossible to break through normal means that they spawned the term “Nintendium”—an all-purpose phrase given to pieces of technology that survive extreme punishment. For example, take the Gulf War Game Boy, an original Game Boy console that survived having a freaking bomb dropped on it.

Nintendo never advertises their products as being durable, they don’t brag about their Game Boys being bomb-proof or their consoles being tough enough to survive being hit by a car. They just expect their customers to be human and include features to prepare for that humanity. While other companies decide that they’re nice by including a cover to protect the screen of the $600 phone you just bought in case you drop it, Nintendo just builds a device that can survive being dropped in the first place and doesn’t make a big deal about it. Because that’s how a real company does business.

10 Toys That Are Replacing Cutting-Edge Technology (via strandedonthemainland)

I dropped my 3DS down a flight of concrete stairs and it just got a little scratched on the corners.

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The less loved you are by others, the more you have to love yourself.